Computers can be expensive!

We live in an age where almost everyone needs a computer, especially high school kids!

However, for many parents, purchasing a new computer for kids going into high school can be tricky, and even the cheapest laptops can still cost you hundreds of dollars.

To provide a helping hand, we find old computer hardware, and with the help of Google’s Chrome OS, we convert them into perfectly functioning Chromebooks ready to be used.

These refurbished computers are provided free of charge.

They may not be the best looking, or contain the coolest latest technology, but they will definitely allow your kids to browse the internet, check your email, use all of the Google Docs apps, watch videos and more.

We only have limited stock of these computers, so please only reach out to us if your kids are in need of a computer for school. 

Fill in the form to contact us.

Give us a bit of information on what year your child will be entering into, and if the school has provided any specific specifications for the computer your child needs.
An example of a refurbished Chromebook, please note, we may not have this specific make or model on hand.
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