Setting up your child's gaming PC

Kids love games!

With the right management, gaming can be a fun and healthy form of entertainment for many kids.

But for many parents, the thought of their kids playing games on a PC (or a games console) brings up fears of gaming addiction, online cyber-bullying and violent video games.

However, it doesn’t have to be!

With the right choice of gaming system, the right parental control setup, and good gaming management, video games can be safe and fun.

So, if you, and your kids, are ready to delve into the exciting world of gaming, let us help you get setup properly!

Step 1 - Choosing the right system

There is a plethora of games systems out there, so which one is right for you and your child?

Are you looking for a gaming system that you and your family can enjoy together in the living room, playing on a TV?

Then a games console is the best choice for you.

The 3 main games consoles out there are:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Sony Playstation
  • Microsoft Xbox

For family friendly fun, the Nintendo Switch is by far the most popular solution providing a games console with lots of muli-player, kids friendly, fun games to choose from. Read up on some great Switch games here.

The Switch also benefits from being able to be played in handheld mode, so your gaming is not locked to your TV and can be played anywhere.

Are you looking for a system that can be also used for school work as well as playing games?

Then a gaming PC is more suited to your needs.

A gaming PC can be designed to suite almost any budget and is highly customisable to your needs.

We can help you to design, build and setup a gaming PC to suit your budget and needs.

Step 2 - Setting up parental controls

The best way to ensure your child’s game play does not become a problem, parental controls should be correctly setup to ensure you can control your child’s gaming time, limit what types of games and content your child can access, and manage your child’s online interactivity settings.

We can help you setup the parental controls on almost any gaming system. Read up on parental controls here.

Step 3 - Managing your child's gaming

Gaming is an ongoing hobby which is constantly evolving and changing, and the management of your child’s gaming should also evolve over time.

Understanding what games your child wants to play, the video game rating system, and also find ways to enjoy gaming together, are all key to managing your child’s gaming fun.

Read up on ways to manage your kids gaming here.

Let us take the pain out of gaming and help you setup the ideal gaming system to suit your budget and needs.
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